My Journey


My journey into therapy began after spending several years working in non-profit organizations and education. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion for counseling and supporting others. I found great satisfaction in engaging with students and families, helping them navigate their struggles, and witnessing the positive impact of finding solutions together. This ultimately led me to leave my teaching career and pursue a path in counseling as a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

My initial experiences in mental health involved working with teenagers on probation and serving as a crisis counselor in a high school located in California’s Central Valley. These roles allowed me to gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by young people and equipped me with the necessary skills to offer support during difficult times. As my career progressed, I moved on to a large mental health organization where I had the privilege of working with individuals grappling with severe mental health issues. Eventually, I took on the role of regional director for Northern California, which provided me with invaluable experience in managing and leading teams of therapists.

Now an independent practitioner, I am deeply passionate about assisting individuals and families in achieving their goals and overcoming struggles.  I firmly believe that each person possesses unique strengths, and by using these strengths, we can better navigate the challenges we encounter.

To ensure that I provide the most effective support, I utilize a multi-modal approach that draws upon evidence-based therapeutic models. I tailor my approach to meet the specific needs, goals, and preferences of each client. My ultimate objective is to create a safe and trusting environment where clients feel genuinely heard and understood.


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