Individual Counseling

Individual therapy involves the process of meeting with a therapist in a caring and confidential environment to explore thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, challenging memories, and identify areas for change, all while gaining increased self-awareness and understanding of oneself and others. Individuals can set personal goals and receive support on how to achieve their desired changes. Individual therapy can be a useful treatment approach for managing various emotional difficulties and mental illness.

Areas of Treatment include:

  • Men’s Issues
  • ADHD
  • Marital/Relationship Issues
  • Addictions/Compulsions
  • Depression and Anxiety                                                                                                       
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Esteem/Identity 
  • Grief
  • Teen Issues










Family and Couples Counseling

Family and Couples Counseling is a form of counseling that assists families and couples in resolving relationship conflicts, dissatisfaction, and struggles. A primary objective is to promote the development of healthy relationships by addressing ineffective patterns of behavior and exploring strategies which lead to an  increase in relationship satisfaction. 

Pre-Marital Counseling – Premarital counseling is a form of couples therapy intended to help you and your partner discuss several important issues, ranging from finances to children so that you are both on the same page. It can also help identify potential conflict areas and equip you and your partner with tools to navigate them successfully. Premarital counseling aims to help you build a strong foundation for marriage.

Christian Counseling

Christian counseling combines traditional talk therapy techniques with Christian beliefs and principles, incorporating theological concepts into the counseling process. Its main focus is to address spiritual concerns and the challenges faced by Christians in their daily lives. Individuals may opt for Christian counseling when they desire spiritual guidance or support. This form of counseling can be beneficial for those who are already part of the Christian faith and are seeking further direction, as well as for individuals who are interested in deepening their understanding of Christianity itself..

Clinical Supervision for Therapists in Training

Clinical supervision provides trainees a unique space for discussion and insight among colleagues and is a requirement for licensure. Sessions may delve into case studies, treatment approaches, and other crucial topics. Working daily with individuals who are struggling can take a toll on a therapist’s emotional well-being and developing skills to compartmentalize emotions and cultivate better self-care practices is vital. Hours may be accumulated through group or individual supervision.